In response to Nash Grier using “fag.”

This needs to be read/heard by everybody.

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Ferguson vs Pumpkin fest
The media’s treatment of these two events were shameful!

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*dips your opinion in salsa and eats it*

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me @ my uterus: just let me live
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"I’ve never had fans in the younger generation before, so that’s really cool."

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I was at main event today and when I was playing lazer tag this 10 year old boy ran up to me and told me I was ugly but I smiled and told him I thought he was very handsome and he blushed and apologized for insulting me then he protected me through the whole game and even shot his own teammates but the greatest part is that when his friend called him a traitor he rolled his eyes and turned to me and apologized for his friend being “a total noob”


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The last shot

that you’re caught as hell go ahead and lie like I know you want to face

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why do gamers need a gate anyway


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